John Vennard-Susan Carson


William Nassau, Mary Ann, John, Jane, James Washington, Edward,
Corabelle (Goldie M)

The children of John and Susan Carson are: William N '62, Mary Ann '64, John (Jr.?) '68, Jane '72, James Washington '75, Edward '71, and Corabelle (Goldie) '80.

For whatever reason I do not have birth places for anyone after William Nassau until Corabelle. I might guess that because we don't, that Mary Ann, Jane, James W, and Edward were born in the Dakota Territories and due to the lack of government very little in the way of births (or anything) were recorded, except Indian wars...

It is believed that moving from Canada to Iowa and finally to South
Dakota, along with the John Vennard family were the Stedmans and Wallaces.
They were to eventually have adjoining farms along Interstate Route I-29
north of Vermillion. The homesteads were probably demolished in the
building of the highway. The families are related by marriage and via
Susan Carson's family."......Mike