Mary Ann - Joseph Elms (Elmes)
Catherine Jane, Elizabeth, Ann C, Susanna, Sarah, Joseph H

Mary Ann Vennard was born in St. Johns, New Brunswick, May 20, 1841 (could be 1838,39 or 1840) and died September 9, 1901 in Haynes, Alcona Co., Michigan. Mary Ann Vennard Elms is buried at Mt. Joy Cemetery, Alcona Co., Michigan.

She married Joseph Elms (aka Elemes, Elmes).

Their children were as follows: Catherine Jane, Elizabeth, Ann C., Susanna, Sarah and Joseph H.

Catherine Jane Elmes married Joseph Hasty (aka Hastey, Hastings) 20 Oct. 1885 in Harrisville, Alcona, Michigan. They lived in Knife River, Minnesota in 1901. Susanna Elms married Samuel Slone June 12, 1895 in Haynes, Michigan.

-Bonita Smith