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The following is from Dorthy Ellen, (nee Vennard) in emails to Mike Vennard around 23 December 2003:

The correct line goes like this:

Grandfather-Henry Vennard, Grandmother- Jane Meek

Father-Henry Vennard (Jr.?)(grocer) Mother-Mary Jane McBurney, had at least two chidren; Sameul and Ellen Jane.

1. Samuel Vennard, Born February l9, l869 in district of Carlingford, Union of Dundalk, County of Louth. Samuel Vennard married Charlotte Jones. Charlotte was from district of Mullaglass, Union of Newry, County of Armagh. They moved to the New York area where they had 10 children. Sam Vennard and his wife Charlotte are buried in an Episcopal church cemetery in Astoria, Long Island, New York .

Here is a brief history of Samuel and Charlotte Vennard's children.

a. The first child was named Charlotte, born in NYC around l898 and she died at the age of two years (drank milk from tubercular infected cow).
b. The second child was Sam Jr., He was born in l900. He was tall (6 feet) black hair, blue eyes, fair skin) heart of gold and would help anyone. He was in the navy in WW I, he married a German lady (Mary Brandt) (see photo) and they had one son also named Sam (3rd) who was born in l938 and would be 65 today.. They lived in NH for a while before retiring to Florida. He and Mary died in Florida in their seventies. Sammy (3rd) became a truck driver and we have not heard from him in about 25 years.
c. Adelaide was the third child. She married and moved to Idaho. Had three children, George, Ruth and Violet. After her husband died she returned to NY. At that time she mysteriously disappeared.
d. Henry was the next or fourth child. He died about the age of three (choked on eating clams).
e. Ruth Ellen Jane was the fifth child. (my mother) She was tall five-eight, red hair and freckles and was exceptionally bright in school. Had the gift of gab and a quick wit. Had five children - Eugene, Dorothy Ellen, Mary, Eleanor and Charles. Ruth Ellen Jane and her husband Joseph are buried in New Hampshire.
f. George was the sixth. He moved to California.
g. Charles was the seventh. He was in WW II in the army. He was very tall, about 6 ft. 2. He was quiet mannered and good looking. He was killed on the beach the first day on the invasion at Selerno, Italy. He and his wife Margaret are buried at Pinelawn Cemetery on Long Island, NY.
h. James was the eighth child. He lived in New Jersey with his wife Julia and their two children Robert and Ronald.
i. Robert was the ninth child. He died at the age on four. His clothes caught fire while playing with other children in a neighborhood lot.
j. Virginia was the tenth child. She married and moved to Pennsylvania, had five children and died in her late forties (heart trouble).

2. Ellen Jane Vennard born on May 28, l87l (all same info as to place as Sameul #1 above.) The birth certificate said that the father performed the delivery.

-Dorothy Ellen (Note: This information has been compiled from orally repeated stories recalled by memory.)

Samuel Vennard Jr.and his wife Mary (Brandt) about 1955.

Ruth Ellen Jane Vennard age 16, c. 1921

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