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*Dominic Monti writes: I am descended from family 3a on your Vennard chart. My great-great-grandfather was George Vennart of Cloncore, Tartaraghan parish, country Armagh, who married Ann Hunter. My great-grandmother was his fourth child, Mary Jane Vennard, born in 1841; in 1863 she married James Williamson, of Ballinary, also in Tartaraghan parish. About 20 years ago I wrote for information on this part of my family to the rector of the Tartaraghan parish, Rev. Ted Fleming, and he provided me with an extensive family tree of George’s descendents which he compiled from the parish records (most of which you have on your chart 3a).

However, I can add some information, as your chart at this point has nothing more of Mary Jane after her marriage to James Williamson. They had one child while still in Ireland, William, born later in 1863. They then emigrated to the United States about 1865, by way of Canada, settling near other Ulster families in Lafayette Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania. The area was in fact called “Irishtown.” This is about 10 miles south of Bradford, PA, which is just south of the New York State line, about 75 miles south of Buffalo. William apparently died in early childhood, but after coming to the US, Mary Jane and James Williamson had 8 more children who lived to adulthood, 6 daughters and 2 sons. They had names very typical of others in Ireland: Margaret (1868), Sarah (1870), Elizabeth (1872), Mary (1874), John (1877), Thomas (1879 – my grandfather), Rachel (1882), and Ella (1884). Since these people bore the name of Williamson, not Vennard, you may not be interested including them in your charts. Just to say, Mary Jane died in 1905 at her daughter’s home in Bradford. Her husband, James Williamson, lived well into his 80’s, dying on his farm in “Irishtown” in 1926

What may be more interesting to you is that the male descendants of this George Vennard of Cloncore also came to the US. As you mention, Mary Jane’s oldest brother was John Vennard (1834-1892); most of his descendents stayed in the vicinity of Tartaraghan. However, I would like to tell you about his oldest son, George (born 1857). According to your chart, he married a woman named Stavenson. This may be, but Rev. Fleming does not mention this on the chart he sent me. Perhaps this woman died at an early age. But in any event, this George eventually emigrated to the US, settling near his aunt Mary Jane in the Bradford, PA area. He ended up marrying two of his first cousins! He married first the eldest of Mary Jane’s daughters, Margaret. She died in childbirth in 1888. A few years later, George married the next sister, Sarah. They had a number of children, although Sarah also died young in 1901. Apparently, George had troubles with the bottle, and he couldn’t support his kids. Mary Jane and James took two of the boys (their grandsons), Raymond and Robert Vennard, whom they raised on the farm in Irishtown. At least one other child went to live with other relatives, and the remaining ones were sent to an orphanage. But there were three sons: Raymond, Robert, and (I think) James. So there may be a few more Vennards around in the US who trace their lineage to these men (born in the 1890’s). Just to let you know!! Their father, George, died in Bradford in 1926.

And there was also a David Vennard, who also came over from Ireland and was apparently a (distant?) relative. My mother remembers visiting him in Johnsonburg, PA when she was a child (late 1920’s – early 30’s). Perhaps he also had male descendents.

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*Jackie Gausden writes: I am descended from family 3a on your Vennard chart be it ever so distantly, but never the less still a connection. I noted while looking through your website that you had an Elizabeth BRENNAN/BRANNON married Thomas Henry VENNARD, Elizabeth is my 3xGt grandfather William PROCTOR's neice. Though concentrating on my PROCTOR lineage, I thought it best to add my share of comments as you never know what new found relatives may turn up!

My PROCTOR's also came from the Ballynarry, Cloncore, and Clonmacate area's of Co. Armagh. William PROCTOR being born in Ballynarry in 1837 to George PROCTOR and Martha nee JONES. I also noted that in the same tree #3a there is a VENNARD / MEDCALF marriage. William PROCTOR married Elizabeth METCALF on 21 Ocotber 1856 at Milltown Church, Co. Armagh, (I have not researched this METCALF line back too far) Elizabeth METCALF's parents were James and Mary METCALF nee FORBES married on 9 October 1834 at Tartaraghan Church, Co. Armagh.

Many of my PROCTOR and / or BRANNEN line emigrated to either Scotland, Canada or Manchester Connetticut, so there is a definate common "swing" toward these locations in these lines plus the VENNARD lines as well I see.

Names associated with PROCTOR that I have also spotted throughout your site, apart from BRENNAN and VENNARD are MATCHETT and CAMPBELL, If you feel the need to pass on my contact details or if anyone inquires to it, please feel free to pass it on.

From above: "Thomas, 1844 Thomas married Ellen Medcalf in 1866 in Cloncore." Mike: My 3xGt grandmother was Elizabeth METCALF born to James and Mary METCALF nee FORBES on 10 October 1837 in Cloncore, Co. Armagh, and her brother Joseph was born exactly 2yrs later on 10 October 1839 (he married Mary Ann PROCTOR whom I think may be my 3xGt gradnfather's sister) my Proctor line you will find also is from the same area's as your #3a VENNARD line, Ballynarry, Derrylard, Cloncore, Clonmacate and Tartaraghan. James and Mary METCALF nee FORBES married on 9 october 1834 in Tarataraghan Church.


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