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In an email from a person only identified as Jenn with conformation by Joyce McCann the following was submitted as the disposition of the children from Joseph Vennart and Eliza McCabe.

Mary Anne (Minnie) Vennart, b 1879-1951, married David McCann b Aug 15 1882 on Aug 18, 1909. They had two children Joseph Davenport (6/6/1910-1/12/1977) and Sherman George (1912 - 1967). Sherman had no children.

Emily Vennart- b 1872, married William Hunter and had 2 sons Thomas and George Hunter.

Rachel had no children I believe and died as a widow. Someone thought she had a son George. Not positive on that. Rachel came to America 3 times, in 31 Aug 1896; 18 Aug 05,1901; 23 sept 01 1907 she was single all three times

Thomas - had a daughter Elizbeth ( Bessie ) who married Mr. Cheney. I don't know who her mother was. I think it might be Lizzie Forbes. Elizabeth had returned to Ireland to marry Mr Cheney, had a son in Ireland and then returned to the US on 14 Sept 1903.

Joseph- had a son Harry S. not sure of mother. Joseph (Minnie's brother) died in the First World War in the Royal Irish Fusiliers in 1918.

Eliza Jane and Ephiram died back in Ireland, I believe. They never came to America.

Letitia married James Robb and had children Jimmy, Violet and Tommy Robb.

I don't know about George.
-Jenn (with revisions from Joyce McCann)